Today I experienced a problem opening this blog using Chrome:

This webpage has a redirect loop

Firefox and IE worked perfectly fine. I was also able to open other subdomains, so I knew it was a Wordpress issue.
The first solution I found was to clear my browser cookies. However, this didn’t solve the problem. Other sources recommended to reset the permalinks:

  • Settings → Permalinks → Save Changes

Again, no luck. Finally I solved it by removing www from the URL settings:

  • Settings → General → Remove “www” from both URLs

It seems that Wordpress bounced between www and non-www causing a redirect loop. I haven’t found the root cause, though. I looked into the .htaccess and found some entries from the iThemes Security plugin. Disabling it actually made the blog work with or without www. After some more research I have found a solution:

  • Security → Settings → Secure Socket Layers (SSL) → Front End SSL Mode = Off

Note: this doesn’t disable SSL. On the contrary: before my https connections were redirected to http, so turning this option off solved both problems.

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Wordpress supports auto-embeds: certain links are automatically converted into embed widgets. Embedding YouTube videos is done by simply pasting the URL. Unfortunately the video quality is low by default. It’s possible to specify the quality using the vq parameter. Auto-embeds don’t support parameters, though. There is a way to manipulate the generated html code by adding parameters to each embedded YouTube video automatically.

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