Sencha GXT Showcase

I work professionally using GWT and Sencha GXT. Sencha offers a showcase, which is a huge help to understand their components. Sometimes I need to alter their examples in order to test something. Copying all necessary files is quite laborious. Since the source code is provided along with the library, I decided to set it up under Eclipse. In this article, I want to share all the steps and pitfalls with you. Continue reading


I guess every software developer has written a cd/dvd management software. It’s a great way to learn a new programming language or framework, since you have to get familiar with different aspects (UI, databases/xml, …).
After working with GWT/GXT for over 1 year I wanted to try out Vaadin. I also wanted to replace my old java desktop movie management tool with a new fancy web app. A few weekends later I was very satisfied with the result, which doesn’t happen a lot for a perfectionist like me. ;)

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