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Solving web mysteries


Here are some public talks that I gave in the past.

Accessible Web

Did you ever ask yourself how visually impaired people access the web? What barriers do they encounter? Understanding how other people use the web is the key to identifying and solving any accessibility issues. In this session, I show some common web accessibility problems and ways to fix them.

Functional CSS — What's all the hype about?

Functional CSS (also known as Atomic CSS or Utility-first CSS) is an approach to CSS architecture that favors small, single-purpose classes with names based on visual function. In this talk, I explain some issues coming from traditional, semantic-based methodologies (e.g. BEM) and how Functional CSS is able solve them.

Atomic Design in Practice

Atomic design is a mindset for creating maintainable design systems and consistent designs. I will present common issues with design systems and how the atomic design mindset helped to solve those issues in an enterprise project.

Dev Ninjas

Tools, tips and hacks to improve your productivity.