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Export tool for Todoist

I'm learning Node.js, and therefore experimenting a lot. Motivated by a Todoist support thread, I wrote a little backup tool for Todoist.

Check out the Live Demo.

My main goal was to learn the Jade template engine (and the concept in general). As far as I can tell it's the recommended way to write dynamic front end code for Node.js applications. It looks interesting, but I'm not sure I would use it for a more complex project.

Todoist already offers (premium-only) daily backups. However, their format isn't suitable for data processing. On the other side, their API returns all tasks as JSON, which makes it possible to convert the data into other formats. For example, my tool supports CSV export, too. I've also added an option to export everything, which includes user settings. Last but not least, my tool works for free users, while the backup provided by Todoist is a premium feature.

I'm not planning to implement any more features, but I will run the service as long as people use it. I've published the source code at GitHub.

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Export tool for Todoist