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Solve the redirect loop problem in Wordpress

Today I experienced a problem opening this blog using Chrome:

This webpage has a redirect loop

Firefox and IE worked perfectly fine. I was also able to open other subdomains, so I knew it was a Wordpress issue. The first solution I found was to clear my browser cookies. However, this didn't solve the problem. Other sources recommended to reset the permalinks:

  • Settings → Permalinks → Save Changes

Again, no luck. Finally, I solved it by removing www from the URL settings:

  • Settings → General → Remove "www" from both URLs

Wordpress seems to bounce between www and non-www causing a redirect loop. I haven't found the root cause, though. I looked into the .htaccess and found some entries from the iThemes Security plugin. Disabling it actually made the blog work with or without www. After some more research I have found a solution:

  • Security → Settings → Secure Socket Layers (SSL) → Front End SSL Mode = Off

Note: this doesn't disable SSL. On the contrary: before my https connections were redirected to http, so turning this option off solved both problems.

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Solve the redirect loop problem in Wordpress