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My Putty color scheme

Putty is a popular SSH client for Windows. I don't like the default color theme, but I couldn't find a satisfying one. So, again, I had to create my own. Here's what my "Eclectide" theme looks like:

Putty Scheme — Eclectide

There is mostly no difference between normal and bold fonts. Additionally, I've switched the cyan and yellow colors, because I like this golden tone, and it is more present in my daily use.

For comparison, here's the default color scheme:

Putty Scheme — Default

And here's a quick comparison for a ls -a:

LS — Eclectide theme
LS — Default theme

To use my theme, download this file or copy the following code and save it as *.reg. Replace SESSION_NAME with the name of your session and execute the file. If you have more than one Putty session, you'll have to adjust and run the *.reg file for each of them.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


; Default Foreground
; Default Bold Foreground
; Default Background
; Default Background
; Cursor Text
; Cursor Color
; ANSI Black
; ANSI Black Bold
; ANSI Red
; ANSI Red Bold
; ANSI Green
; ANSI Green Bold
; ANSI Yellow
; ANSI Yellow Bold
; ANSI Blue
; ANSI Blue Bold
; ANSI Magenta
; ANSI Magenta Bold
; ANSI Cyan
; ANSI Cyan Bold
; ANSI White
; ANSI White Bold
My Putty color scheme