I’ve switched from Spotify to Google Play Music (also known as “Google All-Inclusive” or “Google All Access”) a while ago. Although I can’t imagine Google losing any data, I want to make sure I don’t lose any of my playlists by accident. Google doesn’t offer a backup feature (yet?), so I needed another solution. Luckily there is an unofficial Python API, so writing a backup script was fairly easy. It saves the content (id, title, artist, album) of all user-created playlists as XML.

import time
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
from gmusicapi import Mobileclient

Saves all user-created Google Play Music playlists as an XML file.

username = "YOUR_EMAIL"
password = "YOUR_PASSWORD"

def getMobileclient():
api = Mobileclient()
api.login(username, password)
return api

def saveAllPlaylists():
api = getMobileclient()

if not api.is_authenticated():
print("Sorry, those credentials weren't accepted")

print("Successfully logged in")

playlists = api.get_all_user_playlist_contents()
print("Playlists loaded")

root = ET.Element("playlists")

allSongs = api.get_all_songs()

for playlist in playlists:
playlistElement = ET.SubElement(root, "playlist")
playlistElement.set("id", playlist["id"])
playlistElement.set("name", playlist["name"])

songs = playlist["tracks"]
print("Found playlist '" + playlist["name"] + "' with" , len(songs) , "songs.")

for song in songs:
if not "track" in song:
track = [songTemp for songTemp in allSongs if songTemp["id"] == song["trackId"]][0]
track = song["track"]

songElement = ET.SubElement(playlistElement, "song")
songElement.set("id", song["id"])
title = ET.SubElement(songElement, "title")
title.text = track["title"]
artist = ET.SubElement(songElement, "artist")
artist.text = track["artist"]
album = ET.SubElement(songElement, "album")
album.text = track["album"]

print("Backup saved")

def saveXML(node):
tree = ET.ElementTree(node)
tree.write("gmusic backup " + getCurrentDate() + ".xml")

def getCurrentDate():
return time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")

if __name__ == '__main__':

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