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GitHub developer statistics

Recently, Curtis Einsmann posted some stats from their work as a software engineer. This inspired me to check my own impact as an employee:

  • 1002 pull requests shipped
  • 3062 pull requests reviewed
  • 5 years (since migrating to GitHub Enterprise)

LOC (lines of code) is a terrible metric, but for the sake of completeness here it is:

  • 685.358 lines of code added
  • 1.246.560 lines of code removed

Similar to Curtis' disclaimer, the LOC numbers are skewed due to automated tooling. For example, I recently removed 670k lines of "code" in a single commit (a misconfigured lerna job has been creating useless changelogs).

Now let's see how to get all those stats.

You can view all your merged or reviewed PRs (and their count) with the following queries:

GitHub Enterprise global filter

Those filters work both globally and for individual repositories.

You can also click the last pagination link to view the date of your first PR.

I couldn't find a way to get the LOC across all of my repositories, so you need to check each repository separately. Open the "Insights" tab, select "Contributors" and search for your name:

GitHub user statistics

If you're a manager, please don't use such metrics for anything more than entertainment. 🙏

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GitHub developer statistics