It has been almost two years since I’ve started this blog. I wrote about skydiving, software development and some stuff that didn’t fit into any category. I was aware that such a topic variety wouldn’t get me any regular readers, but that wasn’t my goal. I just wanted to keep a little journal/portfolio of my personal achievements. It’s always a great feeling to look back. I also wanted to share some problems I came upon as a software developer. I have found so much help on other blogs and I felt the urge to contribute something as well.

I’m not what people would call a blogger, not with only a couple of posts a year so far. I’ve decided to change that and give this project more attention. First, I wanted to change the theme. There was nothing wrong about the old one, especially after investing countless hours to tweak any slightest issue. But it felt like a good time to get something new. I was thinking about something even more minimalistic. I like themes that are used on Ghost and Svbtle, but I wasn’t going to change the blogging platform because of it. But then I came upon Lingonberry by Anders Noren. It wasn’t what I had in mind, but I’ve loved it immediately! I’ve spent the last few days customizing it and now you can see the result. I’ve also cleaned up the categories and deleted some less useful posts. Now my main focus lies on the following topics:

So basically it’s a small portfolio mixed with some advice that people might find useful.

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